Friday, 5 June 2015

Chesser 04/06/2015

A mixed bag at this time of year with first up an collybioid agaric from Cullaloe


Spores - typical smooth, hyaline, ellipsoid, j-

Pileipellis - somewhat dry (see later!)


Rehydrated "dryophila type" pileipellis cell!
This species is one which was recorded from last May on the reserve so looks like a recurring species. Maybe I'll even recognise it at the third time of asking. Not sure of the order, but somewhere in the mix was this splendid asco - Scutellinia scutellata

Another asco which caused initial confusion was this nice fat jelly from cherry tree bark - a Cudoniella sp. (C. clavus var grandis)

From that overstuffed roundness we went to the spikiness of Scopuloides rimosa

Also brought along for our viewing pleasure was this cheeky little orange basidiomycete, something of a rarity, having a go at some Peniophora incarnata. I've clearly written its name down wrongly so I'll wait until I have that properly from Ellis & Ellis later

Last, but not least was this odontoid specimen which was still under scrutiny when I left

Not a bad night with a nice breadth of material to look at. There's an increase in asco-bothering activity but we did manage a couple of resupinates at least, and the ascos were nice.