Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Exidiopsis calcea (maybe!)

Chesser Meet, 15./01/2015

Exidiopsis, Balerno (?), on conifer (?)

This nice Exidiopsis performed well under the lens. Keyed out very quickly in E&E to Exidiopsis, but then two potential candidates emerge, depending on colour - E.effusa and E.calcea. If it's pinkish/lilaceous then effusa is the favourite.

The red flag on effusa is that the substrate appeared to be coniferous, whereas effusa has a preference for deciduous wood. The description of calcea is very close, but it should lack the coloration described for effusa. It's not particularly colourful.

The other factor which suggests calcea is that according to the Swiss the spore size for effusa tops out at 15um, whereas ours were definitely bigger.

On balance I think this is E.calcea, but I don't recall a concensus on the night.

Pelicular resupinate, <0.5mm, colour?

Spores j-, hyaline, smooth, c.17.c x 6um, cylindrical-allantoid

Basidium with epibasida @ x1000

Top view showing form

Basidium septa


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