Monday, 24 August 2015

Rhizocarpon reductum, Wanlockhead, 22/08/2015

Growing in many places on old lead mine building walls and even on moss, as this one. Apothecia immersed although the thallus was very moist and not cracked as you would expect it will become, allowing the apothecia to "pull away" from the thallus as it's more often seen.

Muriform spores seem unlikely to go up to 8 per ascus as they're so big, but maybe they do. K+ yellow(ish). Is there a dextrinoid reaction in the ascii giving the brown tips? Not sure. My asco chemistry skills leave much to be desired. Spores are c.25x12.5

I think there's supposed to be a K+ reaction to the ascus tips in this species so I may revisit it again with chemicals to refine my approach.


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