Friday, 6 November 2015

Lyophyllum decastes Dunfermline

Finding myself without a car for a couple of days I was reduced to wandering the streets of Dunfermline bothering the fungi of hedgerows and verges, hoping that I might be able to transport any finds to Edinburgh when my car was returned to me.

I found that Clitocybe fragrans was relatively abundant, there were a couple of nice Shaggy Inkcaps, and from the change in scenery I also bumped into a couple of new species for me, Inocybe geophyllum and Lyophyllum decastes. Such was the last-minuteness of this collection that I had no time to identify them or even to photograph the Inocybe (at least beyond genus) before our regular chesser meeting where they were identified by RW.

The Inocybe was a nice neat little thing, very pale/white throughout and with no bulbous base. The Lyophyllum, a new genus for me, looked like this:

Fasciculate, and trooping
Gill with decurrent tooth

I also came across Lactarius pubescens in the company of a beech which had been planted to liven up the edges of a new housing development

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