Monday, 14 November 2016

Inocybe not rimosa

Found some nice Inocybe under the scots pines at Cullaloe LNR and thought my luck was in - finding an easily ID'd Inocybe at Cullaloe to add to the fungal list. It's clearly I.rimosa, isn't it?

in situ

Taking a sample for home I began he chopping and keying. But then this happened ...


... well, that wasn't supposed to happen. First couplet of the Inocybe key in FN and we're off track already. We're not even going to the "right" subkey. I.rimosa doesn't have pleurocystida like this. Therefore it's something else.

Are the cystidia strongly yellow in KOH? Well, they ARE yellow but "strongly" is a stretch and anyway such things are always variable and the description is a subjective one:

hymenium in 3% KOH

Does it have a pinkish tinge to the stipe apically? Well, I can sort of see that:


I still don't have a final determination for it, but I will assemble this here for later expansion should one arise.

Additional photographs

Spores (brown, thin-walled, ellipsoid, c.9x5u):

Caulicystidia (upper stipe only)

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