Monday, 19 October 2015

Hyphodontia alutaria, Cullaloe LNR, 17/10/2015

A thin smear on some rotten wood, this turned out to be very nice under the lens

The most obvious thing of note was the long capitate septo-cystidia with occasional clamps. They stuck out like a sore thumb (literally?)

Here's one of the clamp on the cystidial septa, with a bonus basidium appearing above it:

And here is the second cystida type - a lagenocystidium - to the left of the measure:

Spores were thin-walled, hyaline, j- and 5-6u long, c.3-3.5u wide

It has been called Peniophora and Grandinia in the past. And Odontia. And Kneiffiella ...

I did kind of expect it to be a Peniophora though

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