Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Sistotrema diademiferum, Cullaloe 24/10/2015

A nice corticioid on a small twig in the mixed woodland, maybe Birch or Fagus. Possibly even Pinus. This species seems to be happy on various substrates. The Sistotrema's 6 sterigmata were quite clear from the off, mercfully and it keyed out nicely in Ellisx2, Bernicchia and even CNE.

It's curious to see such skinny sterigmata topped with sub-globose spores. This arrangement- the circle of spores - presumably gives it its epiphet diademiferum, with a diadem being a royal crown, though you would imagine that could apply to any Sistotrema or Botryobasidium. Sistotrema "bunch of grapes" isn't so catchy.

(It has just now been pointed out to me that botryo refers to a bunch of grapes though in reference to the bunched basidia - thanks SB)

Thin fb on a twig

basidial clamp

6 sterigmata

sub-globose spores c.4x3.5

Bunch of grapes, or "diadem"

Scattered hymenial elements

Dug up from last week's pics - the original looking pretty much like Beech (Fagus)

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