Friday, 5 August 2016

Cullaloe 31/07/2016 - Poroid and Pyro

One poroid, one pyro


Mostly resupinate with a shelfy overhang. The upper surface looks like it's on a fungus that wasn't designed to have an upper surface. No spores were found yet despite waiting a few days to see if they would develop.

Upper surface

Overhang from below

Form of end section where not reupinate


c.06mm diameter, spores c.17.5u long, brown with multiple rtansverse septa and some longitudinal. Possibly Cucurbitaria rubefaciens, a Salix specialist in E&E.  

Small scattering of perithecia - no stroma

Ascus tip - no I+ signs anywhere (unless spores initially hyaline ... dammit)

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