Monday, 8 August 2016

FGSES - Red Moss/Bavelaw, 07/08/2016

A very windy day in the Pentlands but it didn't put off a hardy dozen or so dead set on bothering all things fungal.

From underneath the beech strip at NE corner of Red moss

With a fair few birches there were a number of species with Betula associations

Easter egg? Amanita fulva

Lactarius tabidus

Russula betulina

Not so obvious - Mollisia ramealis
A nice find in the car park was this Taphrina alni - Alder tongue

Possibly the highlight of the day (though I do have another candidate) was this Snaketongue Truffleclub - Cordyceps ophioglossoides. The parastic Cordyceps reaches up into the air to spread spores from a false truffle which is underground.

Elaphomyces muricatus

Some other great highlights of the day ...

Boletus luridiformis - blueing like crazy on cutting

Cortinarius hemitrichus (?)

Clavulina cinerea

Trichophaea hemisphaerioides

Non fungal
You can't spend a day inthe field without also finding other things, so a small section devoted to them

Coxcomb prominent caterpillar

Common Hawker staying out of the wind

Pterostichus madidus

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